What can I do for you?

Clearance service

living rooms


kitchens and bathrooms

storage rooms

terrace and balcony

office rooms

Relocation assistance

Organising of your removal

Packing and/or unpacking of the boxes including labelling and listing

Supervision of the removers (if necessary)

Final cleaning

Assistance also for short term relocation (e.g. for holiday rental)

Clearing out


I will teach you to organize your environment by yourself and maintain for the future with minimum effort.

During our time together (organizing, separating and clearing out), I will, for example, explain how to differentiate between necessary and unnecessary things.
I will show you new ways to organize your things, to find the correct place for them and how to store them in a space saving way.

With small changes you can reach big rewards…

… tidiness is no witchery !